10 signs he is given up on you

Men are complicated, confusing creatures who do things that may make it difficult to understand their motives. It can be hard to tell if he…

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30 Signs a guy is jealous

If you’re dating a guy, it can be really hard to tell if he’s jealous. He might get mad when you talk to another guy, or he might get upset when you’re talking to another man in front of him. But other times, there are no outward signs at all that your partner is feeling…

how do guys text when they like you

Sometimes it can be hard to tell if a guy likes you or not. You may ask yourself, “How do they act differently when they like me vs. when they don’t?” It’s difficult because guys are so unpredictable and there are no clear-cut ways of telling what the signs mean. But we’ve compiled 36 things…

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